Les Rives - Operated by Saigon River Express

Let us take you on a journey to some of the world’s most significant sites. Visit the historical Cu Chi Tunnels, the laidback backwaters of the lussh Mekong Delta and the UNESCO-listed Can Gio Biosphere Reserve.
Les Rives specializes in offering authentic experiences in areas that can only be accessed via the region’s scenic waterways. Cruise between verdant rice paddies and mirror-like pools along the tributaries and canals of the river of nine dragons - the Mekong Delta. Step back into Vietnam’s not-too-distant past at the Cu Chi Tunnels to experience wartime life. Cruise mangrove forests off Vietnam’s southern coastline and learn about the diverse flora and fauna of captivating Can Gio.


Walking Tours

Start at the Rex Hotel on Nguyen Hue and go through the /median park, pausing at the statue of Ho Chi Minh. In front is City Hall. Turn right on Le Thanh Ton and walk to Dong Khoi. Turn left past boutiques and art studios. After two blocks, you will see Notre Dame Cathedral. Cut diagonally right to Saigon Central Post Office. On the west side of the Cathedral you will see 30-4 Park. Walk through the park until Reunification Palace appears at the end of the street.

Facing the Palace, turn right on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. Continue until Vo Van Tan, then turn left. After one block, the War Remnants Museum will be on your right at the corner of Vo Van Tan and Le Quy Don. Continue to walk along Vo Van Tan until you reach Truong Dinh, and then turn left. After one block you'll reach Tao Dan Park. Walk through the park along Truong Dinh until you come to Le Thanh Ton, then turn left. In a block-and-a-half you will arrive at the fruit and flower section of Ben Thanh Market. Browse the Market or head down one of the Ben Thanh's side streets to arrive at the busy roundabout enclosing the statue of Tran Nguyen Han. Cross diagonally left to Huynh Thuc Khang and walk for several blocks until you reach Ho Tung Mau. Turn right and follow this street to the local market at Ngo Duc Ke near the Bitexco Financial Tower. Stop at Kita Coffee House on Nguyen Hue before continuing on Ngo Duc Ke to Dong Khoi. Turn left and browse the souvenir shops. Keep walking up Dong Khoi to finish at the Saigon Opera House, on your right.

It can be a bit of a challenge to walk around HCMC. With uneven pavement and sidewalk debris, perpetual construction and low overhangs and tree branches, Saigon isn't the easiest city in which to go for a stroll. Not to mention trying to cross the street! That said the wealth of interesting sites is well worth the effort. Fortunately most popular sights in central Ho Chi Minh City are within easy walking distance of each other.Wear comfortable walking shoes. Flip-flops or sandals are not recommended unless they offer some some sort of foot support. Leave your valuables back at the hotel. Wear a hat and sunglasses, and carry a phone and camera.


Bike Tours

When we say bike, we don't mean the motorised kind. We're talking about pedal power, sans internal combustion engine. Free-wheeling from Ho Chi Minh City to the hills of Dalat or coastline of Phan Thiet gives a totally different perspective on Vietnam and provides a glimpse of Vietnamese rural life, smells included. In Saigon, check out Vietnam Bike Tours for group and private tours. Rustle up a pair of wheels and get going, as bicycling provides one of the best ways to travel leisurely while maximising your sightseeing.

There are a number of bike tour companies based in HCMC. Try Vietnam Bike Tours, established in 2005. They run a variety of tours including multiday treks through the Mekong Delta. The relatively flat topography of southern Vietnam means bicycling is fairly effortless. The predominance of bicycles in the Saigon region means that you are never far from a repair shop should a gremlin climb inside the gears.