The Japanese have flourished in Vietnam for many years now, which is surprising considering that they came here as a conquering force during the Second World War. The Vietnamese are a forgiving people and have been quick to bury the hatchet and as a result Japanese business in the country has flourished. One segment of this commerce of course, is the restaurant business. Japanese restaurants have proved to be extremely popular through the country.

In Hanoi for example Japanese restaurants outnumber any other foreign nationality. There are more than one hundred Japanese restaurants in Hanoi. The quality is outstanding and the diversity creates a fascinating choice for locals, expats and tourists. So if Teppanyaki, Sushi or Sashimi are your thing, you won’t have to miss out in Hanoi.

Makoto Restaurant on Pham Ngu Lao in the heart of the city has picked up a string of 5 star TripAdvisor reviews and a huge number of fans in the process. The restaurant has a superb location just three minutes’ walk from the Opera House. It specialises in traditional char-grilled delicacies like Wagyu beef, as well as fresh sushi and sashimi, directly imported from Japan.

Heading south out of town and the Ky Y restaurant specialises in amazing fish dishes with some interesting off menu specials. The Fish Head Nitsuke is much prized among Japanese people. They have amazing sushi and a very diverse menu. This is well worth the drive.

As you can see Japanese restaurants have not only survived in Hanoi but have flourished better than most others. The cuisine is well suited to the living style in Vietnam and middle class Vietnamese really go for it. If you know your Japanese food you’ll have a great time choosing first a restaurant and secondly a meal. If you’ve never eaten Japanese, Hanoi will provide a superb start for you.