May Food & Beverage Offers @ Sheraton Hanoi

food - Ha Noi: April 12, 2017

In May 2017 at Sheraton Hanoi,



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1. Crab Delicacies / Buffet các món Cua tuyệt hảo

Immerse in the temptation crab dishes at our Oven D’or Restaurant this May, from Vietnamese Crab sautéed in tamarind, Singaporean Chilli Crab to Crab soup. And spice up your dinner with foie gras, lobster and other local and international fare.

Crab menu

May 2017
Buffet dinner Thursday to Sunday: VND1,100,000++/person for food only
All discounts vouchers and complimentary vouchers are applicable.

2. South American Food Festival in Hanoi

South American cuisine has its fusion flavors with the influences from Native America, African, Spanish, Italian…. Come to Oven D’or Restaurant to join the South American Food Festival for the first time in Hanoi with the food and beverage from 4 countries - Peru, Columbia, Chile and Mexico.

South American food

22-28 May, 2017
Buffet lunch: VND620,0000++/person
Buffet dinner: VND990,000++/person
Sunday brunch: VND1,100,000++/person
All discounts vouchers and complimentary vouchers are applicable.

3. Holidays buffet

Savor the best buffet in town this public holidays from April 29 to May 2, 2017. Arrays of salad, delight carvings, seafood counter, dessert station await you, your friends and family.

Holiday buffet

Oven D’or Restaurant
All discounts applicable. No Complimentary voucher

4.The Sunday Brunch at Sheraton

Fullfill your appetite with our lavish food spread of our Sunday Brunch. The children will be entertained by a balloon artist while live music fills the air.

Sunday brunch

Oven D’or Restaurant
Sundays, 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
VND1,100,000++/person for Food only
Extra VND250,000++/person for for free flow of wine, beer and mixed drinks
All discounts applicable. No Complimentary voucher



Tel: 844 3719 9000/Hotline: 0904 850 995 /

1. Wagyu Rump

Hemispheres Restaurant is honor to introduce the world-class “Wagyu Rump”. 400gr of tender Wagyu Rump beef and side dishes of truffle buttered green, baked potato with cheese, a selectio of mustards and red wine jus sure to please even the most discerning diners.

Beef menu

May 2017
VND1,300,000++/set for 2.
All discounts applicable. No Complimentary voucher.

2. Alaska King Crab Set Menu

Discover different taste of Alaska King Crab in the Set Menu prepared by our talent chefs.

Kind Crab menu

Hemispheres Restaurant



1. I love banh my

Vietnamese baguette is also know as the best sandwich in the world, because of that, Lobby Lounge would like to introduce the orginal taste of Vietnam to not only foreign guests but also local guests throughout the « banh my » that carefully prepare by our chefs.

Banh my

VND165,000 ++/ set (including Vietnamese « Banh My » with 1 local beer)

All discounts are not applicabe.

2. Sheraton Craft Beer

Sheraton Hanoi proudly presents 2 kinds of locally brewed craft beer made for Sheraton.

Passion Fruit Lager

The Czech Lager brewing tradition has a historical connection to Vietnam and is combined with the flavorful Aroma of Passionfruit to create this bright, mild but memorable beer

Sunset Wheat

Typical Vietnamese ingredients like orange peels and coriander seeds in a traditional, Belgian recipe create this refreshing but savory, bright and cloudy beer with the typical, fruity aromas of European Wheat Beers

VND80,000++/bottle (350ml)