Shopping is a mixed bag in Vietnam and a large part of its appeal lies in the challenge of purchasing what you want and to buy it at the price you think it should be. Unfortunately, as a foreigner, the chances of being charged 40-50% more than locals on any goods or services throughout the country (this rate tends to be even higher in Bến Thành Market, up to a solid 100% more). Having a Vietnamese friend with you may help, but the sales person will generally see through the ruse and overcharge you accordingly. Other shopping tactics include finding the price of the product you’re after through friends or online before even leaving the house, and browsing the whole market complex before buying to see if anyone else is selling the same product at a cheaper price.

Another important aspect of shopping in Vietnam is bargaining. Before you ask the shop owner how much that shiny postcard is, mentally decide how much you are willing to pay for it and then offer about a third of that amount. The idea is that you will eventually meet in the middle, ending up with a win-win situation. As a last solution to getting desired goods for a reasonable amount of money, pretend to leave without buying as this will usually cause the vendor to call you back to agree on your stated price.

More Shopping Venues

Annam Gourmet Market

Great Food, Good Times For over 20 years, Annam Gourmet Market has quite simply been the most high-quality international food ...

BreadTalk Bakery

BreadTalk Bakery is located at Vivo City, 1058 Nguyễn Văn D7;

Tous Les Jours

A Korean chain serving fine baked products, birthday cakes, coffees, juices and soft drinks for take away or on-site. English ...

Paris Baguette

Lots of bread, cakes, sandwiches and beverages are on offer. Delivery services in D7. Eating space is available. English is ...


The breads here are home baked with only the purest and finest ingredients; no preservatives or hydrogenated fats used here. ...

Sony Centre Crescent

Sony items only, including TVs, cameras, home audio systems and other electronics equipment. English is spoken.

Điện Máy Xanh

Điện Máy Xanh owns 34 electronics supermarkets in 20 provinces of Vietnam. Here you will find a variety of electronic ...

Thế Giới Di Động

A chain of 220 shops selling computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, sim cards, cameras and accessories of well-known brand names. ...

Chợ Lớn

This shopping centre is right next to Giant Supermarket in Crescent Mall. Here you will find different brands of electronics, ...


The first Apple Authorised Reseller selling the gamut of products including iPod, iPad, Macbook and Apple accessories. English is spoken.

Citimart B & B

Citimart B & B is located at SC-10, Nguyễn Lương Bằng, Phú Mỹ Hưng, D7;

Co-op Mart

This medium-sized supermarket is quite popular with the Vietnamese crowd and it is rather busy most times. Noticeable for its ...

Lotte Mart

A large shopping centre on three floors including a supermarket, convenience stores, cosmetics, fashion, food, home decor, electronics, etc. This ...

Citimart Supermarkets

Good selection of imported products. Delivery service is available for purchases from VND300,000. Basic English is spoken.

Giant Supermarket

This mall offers an extended range of products, from fresh food to grocery items and general merchandise. It is a ...

Hachi Hachi

Here you will find a lot of quality Japanese food items, priced rather low. Besides food, the store has a ...

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