Best Laptop Repair in Saigon

Services - Saigon/HCMC: Aug. 21, 2015

In this article, we will give you the best tips to repair your laptop or to fix problems with computers in Saigon.

Laptops are perhaps even scarier to replace or repair than phones. They have more bits that could go missing, they're bigger, and they tend to hold more of your life than your iPhone or Android. They also cost more money!

Only last week I may have spilt a cup of warm milky coffee all over my laptop keyboard, and it may have thrown a tantrum, and several of the keys may have stopped working…and long story short, I may have suddenly needed a quick, cheap and reliable repair shop pretty urgently.

You see, I work entirely from my laptop. If I lost Alfred (yes I named my gorgeous Macbook Pro too) I would lose life itself. Literally. So what did I do?! I panicked. But in the end it turned out I didn't have to.

How to repair a non-Apple laptop in Saigon for the cheapest price?

Broken Laptop Keyboard

Photo Source: Ron Howard

Many people recommend a visit to Cách Mạng Tháng 8 in District 3, but without a specific recommendation the world of cheap repairs in Ho Chi Minh City can be difficult to navigate.

Countless workshops are dotted around the city with “sửa lap top” stamped on the front, but unless they repair the machine in front of you there is no guarantee that parts of your laptop won’t go missing during the process. You also can’t guarantee the quality of the parts that are used!
So taking all of that into account, the shop I ended up going to was an absolute find… 


  • 223A Phạm Viết Chánh in District 1. Though these rustic blokes speak little more English than ‘today’ and ‘laptop’, they are kind, reliable and skilled at their trade.


The guys here will repair all machines including Apple, but are best with non-Apple products. I paid VND 1,000,000 for a new keyboard for Alfred, with a warranty of 6 months. They replaced it in a few hours right there before my eyes, offered me a seat and a coffee, and chatted to me via Google Translate. I would recommend them every single time!


  • Expat Blog. I tend to trust this platform in general, and they do have a number of listings here. I guess the key is to Google the correct price for the repair before you go there, bargain hard, check the parts before they put them in, watch them do it and ask for a warranty. Good luck!


And what about my Macbook?

If you are looking for somewhere reliable and well priced to repair your precious Apple laptop or in fact any Apple product, iKnow in Thao Dien is the place to go. iKnow also sells top quality Apple products and accessories.

I recently had a big issue with my hard drive and had the whole thing replaced, upgraded and the bottom of my laptop screwed back on for about half the price I was expecting to have to fork out. The best bit about this repair shop is its credibility - Brian, owner and founder of iKnow, is a Phillipino-American ex-employee of Apple, and an expert in Apple product repairs.

The iKnow staff speak great English, so there is none of that usual worrying about wether the technician understood you need your fan re-oiled or will start hacking away at your battery... And, perhaps best of all, with wifi, comfy chairs and a very exciting expresso machine almost begging to be used, waiting around at iKnow for your Apple machine is almost worth paying for in itself. The iKnow team certainly know about customer service. The only thing I would say is that it's quite far out of town, but if you live in D2 it's perfect! 


So, where can I buy secondhand or used laptops in Saigon?

The general consensus by locals and visitors alike is that buying a secondhand laptop in Vietnam is not the best idea. ‘Used’ tends to mean that most of the machine’s components have been removed or tampered with and are being ‘used’ in another machine, so your best bet is to buy new or not at all! Due to import tax, prices in Vietnam for laptops and netbooks are on average very high. 


  • Apple Authorised Resellers: these are shops that are legally authorized by Apple to resell Apple products, and as such they are relatively scam-free. Look out for a black Apple logo with “Authorised Reseller” beside it. Try Apple Saigon on Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai or premium reseller iCentre with outlets around the city. 


  • Buying online at one of these sites may be the way to go:


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