Bilingual Canadian International School


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Bilingual Canadian International School- Saigon -

Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS) is the sister school of the Canadian International School (CIS). The school offers a bilingual program that merges the Vietnamese National Curriculum with a standardised Canadian curriculum for grades 1-12. BCIS has fantastic facilities that encompass a total area of 13,000 m². The school also offers boarding facilities and weekend activities. Classes are taught with 50{b02977565a1bbeb324a995b06a5bc2d612c2d39b7eb0fa5ae54ce37a48e29ee8} English and 50{b02977565a1bbeb324a995b06a5bc2d612c2d39b7eb0fa5ae54ce37a48e29ee8} Vietnamese instruction.

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