“World’s Best Smartphone” is Set to Return


A few may still remember the Bphone, the Vietnamese-made smartphone released two years ago that was touted as the “world’s best smartphone” by Bkav, the company behind it. This year, Bkav is planning a comeback with a newer version, through Vietnam’s leading mobile retailer.

Nguyen Tu Quang is the CEO of Bkav, the internet security firm known for the Bkav antivirus software. The company proudly launched the Bphone on May 25, 2015 to an audience of 2000 in Hanoi where Quang famously remarked that it was the best smartphone in the world.

smartphoneImage source: techrum.vn

Although spokespeople at Bkav claimed to have received nearly 12,000 orders on the first day of sale for the Bphone, the company never announced their sales figures. With almost zero public visibility, the phone, which was only initially available for order through the Bphone website and later put on shelves at several mobile phone stores, faded into obscurity.

After two years of silence, Quang has started to speak up about his ‘brainchild’, heralding the release of the Bphone 2 in the near future. In a surprise move, the entrepreneur also held meetings with top executives of The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World), one of Vietnam’s largest mobile phone chains.

smartphoneImage source: techrum.vn

One meeting held in Ho Chi Minh City was made known publicly by Doan Van Hieu Em, director of mobile phones at The Gioi Di Dong, who posted photos of the event on his Facebook on Tuesday.

Em also stated in the post that after meeting with Quang, he was able to fully understand his passion, restless creativity and great love for the country. “This is why he is ready to launch the second-generation Bphone in early August; if this is a quality, 100 percent made-in-Vietnam product, I don’t see any reason why [The Gioi Di Dong] will not sell this.”

smartphoneImage source: tinmoi.vn

The meeting came shortly after a video surfaced on YouTube on July 2, featuring a commercial with a model holding a black handset with an apparent Bphone logo on its back, which was later confirmed by an internal source to the online newspaper VnExpress to be the Bphone 2.

The first generation Bphone was priced at VND11 million and VND14 million for the 16GB and 64GB versions respectively, and the second-generation Bphone will reportedly be available for purchase below VND10 million.

Banner image source: doisong.vn