Private Garbage Vehicles Kick Up a Stink in HCMC - News on 6th October 2016


1) Private garbage vehicles kick up a stink in HCMC

Triệu Thị Thoa of HCM City’s District 6 says when her neighbours see a vehicle come to collect garbage, all of them close their doors immediately to avoid its stench.

“I am deeply concerned about the safety of the rubbish collectors, mostly poor people, as they never wear a mask or proper clothes when collecting rubbish.

“After they collect the garbage, they jump on top of it to look for something they can sell.

“They don’t care about their health. How can they care for others’ health?”

Since there are not enough public garbage trucks to collect all the household rubbish, many private vehicles share in the task.

These are motorbikes modified by their owners by adding a small open body to carry the garbage to the city’s dumps.

According to city authorities, there are more than 1,000 such vehicles. Most of them fail to meet the safety and hygiene standards, and cause bad odour and pollution wherever they go. On Cao Thắng Street in District 10, dozens …

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2) Heavy flooding in HCM City blamed on poor planning, design

The Thu Thiem Tunnel across the Sai Gon River, considered the most modern in South East Asia with newly upgraded water drainage systems, also suffered unexpectedly.

HCM City has been warned that they will still see more such floods in the future.

HCM City has spent tens of trillions of dong to ease flooding, but the historic rainfall on September 26-27 seriously flooded streets as the drainage system could not handle the deluge.

According to the HCM City Anti-flooding Center, the rainfall on September 26 afternoon reached 204.3 mm, far beyond the designed capacity of the water drainage system.

Lao Dong reporters found that the water drainage systems in HCM City were designed based on the Prime Minister’s Decision No 752 dated in 2001 about the master plan for the sewer system by 2020.

Under the planning, 3rd-class sewers were designed based on the rain frequency of 75.88 mm in three hours; 2nd-class sewers 85.36mm and 1st-class canals 95.91 mm for three hours. The tide peak was designed for +1.32 meters.

As for 2nd-class sewers, they were designed to bear rainfall of up to 137.70mm within…

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3) VN growth resilient to global slip

HÀ NỘI – Việt Nam’s economic growth this year is expected to hit 6 per cent, lower than was forecast in June, according to the World Bank (WB) report on East Asia and Pacific economies, released yesterday.

However, growth was predicted to hit 6.3 per cent next year thanks to an increase of consumption and credit demands, said the Chief Economist of the World Bank’s East Asia and Pacific Region, Sudhir Shetty.

Exports would also increase following the signing of free trade agreements, he said.

According to the report, Việt Nam’s economy has proven resilient amidst slower global growth. Economic activity in the country stayed moderate in the first three quarters this year due to a severe drought and slower industrial growth.

However, macroeconomic stability was maintained and inflationary pressure remained low.

The report showed that while Việt Nam continued…

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4) Mekong Delta women escape from foreign husbands, return home

Having returned to Vietnam five years ago, Mrs. Lan from the town of Binh Minh, in the southern province of Vinh Long could not forget her terrible time in Korea.

Eight years ago, through a matchmaker, a Korean man chose Lan as his wife. She thought she would be happy with a handsome man, who had a stable job. But everything collapsed when she arrived in Korea.

“The man who had lived with me for months in Vietnam told me that my real husband is his younger brother, a deaf-mute and mentally ill person,” said Lan.

Later, she found out that the man she had married was “fake”, who was hired to do so, andwas not the brother of the disabled man.

Locked up in the house, Lan had to accept the circumstance – to be the wife of the handicapped man.

Her days were more miserable after her father-in-law, who loved Lan as his daughter, died.

“My mother-in-law forced me to sleep with his son-in-law…

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