New Trains to Cut Travel Time - News on 12th October 2016


1) New trains to cut travel time

The Hà Nội Railway Transport Joint Stock Company (Haraco) yesterday launched two express freight trains which will run on the route from the city’s Giáp Bát Station to Sóng Thần Station in southern Bình Dương Province and vice versa.

Haraco deputy general director Nguyễn Văn Hoan said that the 18-freight-car train, with number HH7/8, would have a shorter itinerary than other trains on the North-South route.

Specifically, the itinerary will last for 51 hours instead of the 70 hours of other normal freight trains because the express trains will not stopfor goods loading and unloading, and will not add or remove freight cars during the itinerary.

“Putting the two express trains into operation is one…

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2) Vietnam’s economic woes deepen

Vietnam is facing increasingly big economic woes, according to a Government report delivered at a session in Hanoi last Friday of the National Assembly Economic Committee.

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dao Quang Thu, who read the report at the session, said natural disasters like storm, flood, drought, salinity intrusion and sea pollution caused by Formosa’s industrial waste were spelling trouble for the corporate sector and the public.

While Vietnam is intensifying its global integration, low labor productivity and poor competitiveness are placing Vietnam in a disadvantageous position, says the report.

The National Assembly Economic Committee session was held to get more inputs for the committee’s socio-economic performance…

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3) Conflict handling skills needed for young and old

People have started talking more about conflict handling skills for both children and adults after the suicide of a 15-year-old boy last month.

The student, from northern Yên Bái Province, was forced to kneel in public and say “Sorry” to one of his schoolmates after a conflict between them in school.

The mother and cousin of the schoolmate, after being told about the conflict, helped him get even with his “rival” by stopping him on the road, beating him and even forcing him to kneel in public and apologise.

The victim of the shaming, Huy, allegedly tried to hang himself because of the humilating experience that had been recorded and posted on the Internet. After the beating, Huy had to spend a week at hospital for the injuries he sustained, including a brain injury.

The boy said to his mother that he was ashamed, as he had been filmed being beaten and kneeling in public, and that he did not want to go back to school. Huy’s mother, Trần Thị Nga said she…

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4) Risk of dengue fever spreading in Nghệ An

A delegation of the health department in the central province of Nghệ An yesterday visited Diễn Châu District to directly instruct locals to urgently control the spread of the dengue disease.

The dengue epidemic is making an appearance again in the region after 10 years and is spreading rapidly to other localities, according to the department.

Some 37 cases of dengue fever were reported in Diễn Thịnh Commune by the end of Monday.

Seven of these cases were being treated at the district’s General Hospital.

Yesterday, two more cases of dengue were also reported and were being treated at the local health centre…

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