Harvest Season in Vietnam’s Golden North - News on 29 September 2016


1) Harvest season in Vietnam’s golden North

Hoang Su Phi District offers one of the most beautiful and remote destinations in the northernmost province of Ha Giang. This year, the district’s famed terraced rice fields began to brighten in the middle of September, signalling the start to a month-long harvest.

Hoang Su Phi District contains six picturesque ethnic minority communes that draw scores of tourists between September and October. 

The district typically serves as the final stop on harvest season tours through the northern mountainous provinces since the paddies here are often the last to turn. This year, unusual weather brought the harvest early, carpeting the hillsides in a stunning greenish yellow. 

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2) Scarce water resources threaten Phu Quoc tourism

Phu Quoc, a famous tourist island off the southern province of Kien Giang, welcomes over one million visitors per year.

The island’s water supply is primarily stored in the Duong Dong Reservoir, which has a capacity of five million cubic meters, and in local lakes and streams, thanks to thick vegetation and high rainfall.

A large number of resorts and hotels have been constructed on the island at the expense of its diminishing fresh water resources.

According to local residents, fresh water could previously be found between five and ten meters underground; however, in recent years water has been scarce, even at 60m below the surface.

A probe by Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper showed that fresh water on the island has been excessively exploited, with over 20 facilities

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3) Hanoi’s economy regained growth momentum

Hanoi’s economy has recently recorded healthy growth. The Capital’s economic growth is expected to rise in the second half of the year, buoyed by further increases in foreign direct investment and exports, domestic credit growth, a slight recovery in agriculture and accelerating disbursements of capital expenditure on national infrastructure programmes.

While Hanoi’s economy is performing reasonably well against a challenging back-drop, a number of issues will need to be addresses to ensure growth remains sustainable. A recent surge in bank lending increases the importance of efforts to tighten regulations to prevent a rise in financial sector risks.

Trade performance remains a bright spot for Hanoi’s economy. In the first six months of 2016, the Capital produced a large merchandise trade surplus, which is a big year-on-year improvement and reflects continued growth in exports while import demand has eased.

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4) The market of Chuong conical hat village

Conical hat is a product of unique culture of each region. Conical hats in each locality have its own nuance. Chuong is the most famous conical hat (non) making village in northern Vietnam.

Chuong village in Phuong Trung commune, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi, has become famous for its centuries old tradition of hat making. At present, in Chuong village, over 2,000 of its 3,000 families participate in making hats.

Making a hat is a painstaking process, from choosing leaves, to rubbing in sand, then drying them under the sun; afterwards a ploughshare is used to stretch them flat without breaking them. The circle of the hat is made from the bark of bamboo. Each hat has 16 circles, causing the hat to be firm but supple.

Hats from Chuong village are now available in every part of the country and exported to China, Japan and European countries. The market of Chuong village opens on the 4th, 10th, 14th, 20th, 24th and 30th of lunar months. Only one product is traded - conical …

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Header photo by: Jumilla