Hanoi – A Safe, Friendly and Attractive Destination - News On 4 October 2016


1) Hanoi – A safe, friendly and attractive destination

The information the Hanoi is one of nine cities which are the least unfriendly, commented by famous British newspaper, the Independent, professionals and tourists have voiced to object the comment by the things they saw, heard and experienced, that are completely opposite.

Recently on Independent – a popular British newspaper has released a list of nine cities which are unfriendly in the world, including many famous tourist cities worldwide.

The above-mentioned list is based on the opinions of travelling writers, bloggers about the city they went through.

Foreign tourists are walking around Hoan Kiem Lake In a list of some unfriendly cities in the world ranked by the Independent, outside Hanoi, there are some other cities like Miami (USA), Prague (Czech Republic) and Macau (China).

However, opposing the negative comments about Hanoi, many readers have expressed their disagreement and said that this ranking and reputation completely rely on the opinions of a few …

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2) Downpour causes flooding, traffic congestion in HCM City

Several main streets in HCM City were flooded yesterday afternoon after rain fell for several hours as forecasted.

The rain, which began at 2am on Monday, caused serious traffic congestion at several main streets in the city centre and entrances to the city’s downtown area, from Hang Xanh to Dien Bien Phu Roundabout, in Binh Thanh District. Traffic jams affected most districts in the city’s centre.

Several streets including Luong Dinh Cua in District 2, Huynh Tan Phat in District 7 and Do Xuan Hop in District 9 and others were flooded. Reports from Voice of Vietnam's traffic channel announced that streets in more than eight out of 24 districts in the city faced traffic congestion and flooding.

Tran Van Đang and Cach Mang Thang Tam Streets in District 3, as well as Nguyen Huu Tho in District 7 faced traffic jams. In Tan Binh District, Truong Chinh and Cong Hpa streets and the area near Tan Son Nhat International Airport were congested. A week ago, heavy rains caused historic…

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3) Schools for the gifted want new enrollment policy

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has been urged to apply a special policy to encourage students to join national teams to attend international competitions. The members of the teams could be allowed to enter universities without having to attend entrance exams.

According to MOET, there are 86 schools & divisions for the gifted throughout the country, including 70 schools under the management of local education departments, five schools belonging to higher education establishments, two belonging to universities and nine divisions belonging to high schools.

There were 56,654 students in the 2010-2011 academic year, while the figure rose to 69,554 in 2015-2016, accounting for 2.1 percent of total high school students.

These are the major sources of students for Vietnam to train contestants to attend international competitions on basic sciences.

Also according to MOET, with limited budgets, provinces have difficulties in upgrading facilities and …

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4) Ha Noi’s Dong Anh district recognized as new-style rural area

Dong Anh currently has 21 of its 23 communes meeting new-style rural criteria, with the remaining two expected to satisfy all 19 criteria for new-style rural areas in 2016.

After five years of implementing the new-style rural area building programme, Dong Anh has seen clear transformations, with its rural face beautified and roads expanded, meeting the local demand for traveling and production.

In addition to the core issue of increasing people’s income, the district has focused on tapping into the advantages of traditional craft villages, developing agricultural production and shifting the structure of crops and livestock towards the production of high-value farming commodities.

Dong Anh has established a number of large-scale centralized and specialized production areas with high economic value, including the areas for cultivating safe vegetables, ornamental trees, high-quality rice and banana. Concerning livestock, the district has approved a total of 230 farms, 60 of which …

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Header photo by: Bjoern von Thuelen