Firms Endanger Workers with Unsafe Food - News on 13 December 2016


Firms endanger workers with unsafe food

Most enterprises at industrial parks in HCM City are lax about providing their workers with completely safe and nutritious meals.

In October, some 100 factory workers at a clothing manufacturing company in Củ Chi District in HCM City were hospitalised after falling ill with food poisoning symptoms. Another food poisoning incident had taken at the same company in May, during which 96 workers were hospitalised. Eighty per cent of the food poisoning cases at industrial parks and public schools were caused by catered meals, according to Đàm Trung Hiếu, deputy head of the labour management department under the Industrial Parks Management Board in HCM City.

There are roughly 285,000 workers at 21 industrial parks in the city, he said. Some 100 enterprises have set up collective kitchens and hired cooks. More than 400 enterprises buy food cooked elsewhere, and some 450 enterprises give workers money to buy their own meals. Over the last month, the city's food …

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City aims to build road beside jammed highway

The HCM City People's Committee has sought the Government's approval to build a new road running parallel to its suburban National Highway No 50. It will begin at Phạm Hùng Street Extension in Bình Chánh District and run up to the city's border with Long An Province. It will help improve traffic capacity on the route and reduce the time it takes to travel from the city to nearby provinces.

The new road will have six lanes. It will be built under PPP (public-private partnerships) mode with the public component provided by the city. If approved, the new road will be added to the city's transportation plan for 2020 and built in 2016-20. An earlier plan to widen the highway has finally been given up after long consideration because of the likely difficulties in acquiring land since there are many new urban areas and industrial parks along it.

The 95.2-kilometre National Highway No 50, which runs through HCM City, Long An and Tiền Giang provinces, is often …

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Vietnam condemns China’s ceremonies for islands

The so-called '70th anniversary of the recovery' of the Paracels and Spratlys does not affect Vietnam's indisputable sovereignty Vietnam has denounced China for holding the so-called “70th anniversary of the recovery” of the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spartly) archipelagoes in the East Sea, the Vietnamese reference for the South China Sea.

In a statement released on Monday, Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Hai Binh said the Chinese move could not change the fact that Vietnam has indisputable sovereignty over the islands. The action, Binh said, went against the current trend in the relationship between the two countries and further complicated the situation. He said Vietnam has full legal grounds and historical evidence to prove its sovereignty over the two archipelagoes.

China’s news agency Xinhua reported that the Chinese Navy on December 8 held ceremonies to commemorate the so-called “70th anniversary of the recovery” of the …

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Central city plans to build Central Square project

Đà Nẵng plans to build a 4.4ha Central Square project in the city's downtown that will serve as a landmark tourism attraction, shopping and public entertainment site.

The city said the project, which will cost around VNĐ700 billion (US$31 million), will help connect the Hàn River bank from Bạch Đằng street to downtown Phan Châu Trinh, Nguyễn Thái Học and Hùng Vương streets, night markets and shopping centres in Lê Duẩn and Phạm Hồng Thái streets and the city's administrative centre.

The square will be a pedestrian area and entertainment space for local and tourists. According to the city's construction department, a design contest has been launched challenging domestic and foreign companies to create the most specular plan for the future square. The city will select the best design to develop the project in a 'green', peaceful and friendly style. The project is included in the city's downtown master development plan of a 130ha for finance, banking, trade …

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Railways lag behind in VN

The decline of the railway's popularity in Việt Nam is not new: back in 2010, the European Union labelled rail transport as the country's "least relevant" mode of transport.

The issue was recently brought into sharp focus after Transport Minister Trương Quang Nghĩa claimed the booming air transport industry had "scooped up" all the customers of other modes of transportation, especially of the railway. However, the reason that rail use lags behind other forms of transportation in Việt Nam has more to do with weak infrastructure of the rail system, high overhead, expensive fares and loss of competitive edge.

Đào Thanh Nga from Thanh Hoá Province worked as an accountant in Hà Nội and had to travel regularly to Đồng Hới City in Quảng Bình Province - her husband's hometown. In the past she used the train because of its safety, given that travel time was the same as road transportation, taking about 11-12 hours. "In train stations, direction signs have been …

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Monitoring of beaches continues after Formosa disaster

December 12 - 2016 The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has asked to continue monitoring 19 beaches in the four central provinces polluted by the mass fish deaths following a toxic leak from the Formosa Ha Tinh steel plant.

The authorities of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri and Thua Thien-Hue provinces have been asked to publish the results. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will also publish the results on its website. "The local authorities must closely monitor and report to the ministry for instruction and support if anything unusual occurs," the ministry said in the directive. After the ministry issued an instruction to monitor 19 central beaches on June 26, results showed that there were no major changes in the sea water quality.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha confirmed on November 16 that it was safe for fish farming and swimming. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has confirmed that the water in the four central provinces of …

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100% of population to be given healthcare monitoring

December 12 – 2016 The Prime Minister has adopted a project on building and developing a grassroots medical network in the new situation. Accordingly, by 2025, 100% of communes will be helped to meet the standard of communal healthcare and the healthcare of 100% of the population will be monitored.

To be carried out from 2016 to 2025, the project aims to renew the organizational apparatus, operational mechanism, financial mechanism, and the development of human resources to improve the provision and quality of services of the grassroots healthcare network, ensuring an adequate supply of initial healthcare services and the capability to be capable of giving medical check-ups to each resident.

The provision of services will look towards aim to be comprehensive and continuous while strict coordination will be carried out between preventive and treatment work and between local medical foundations and higher levels, contributing to reducing the overcrowding situation in higher level hospitals and ensuring …

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Chess master Minh wins silver at Philippines event

December 12 -2016 Vietnamese master Trần Tuấn Minh came second at the Philippines International Open's Open Division chess tournament on December 11.

The International Master was seeded No 11 but bagged four wins and three draws to get 6.5 points, as many as the winner, Grandmaster Wang Hao of China. His coach Đặng Vũ Dũng said Minh performed impressively in the Philippines. The 20-year-old nearly missed his chance after he failed to win any of his first four matches. However, he fought back strongly and won four and drew one of the last five games.

The second place will bring him 19 points in the world rating to make it 2.495 Elo. Le Tingjie, another Chinese master, grabbed six points to place third in this event. Minh's brother Trần Minh Thắng secured five points to sit at No. 15. The tournament, held from December 6-11, lured nearly 40 masters from 11 countries. - VNS …

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Head photo by: ILO in Asia and the Pacific