Climate Change Making Extreme Weather Events Worse: UN - News on 9 November 2016


Climate change making extreme weather events worse: UN

More than 50 per cent of major extreme weather events from 2011 to 2015 showed the tell-tale fingerprint of human-induced global warming, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported on the sidelines of the United Nations climate talks in Marrakesh.

The last half-decade was the warmest five-year stretch on record, with 2014 and 2015 being the hottest of all. These unprecedented temperatures were coupled with rising seas, adding to the destructive power of storms already amped up by warmer, moister air, the report said.

Climate change “has increased the risks of extreme events such as heatwaves, drought, record rainfall and damaging floods,” WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said in a statement. About 300,000 people…

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Trump within reach of shock White House win

Billionaire populist Donald Trump was poised for a possible shock victory over Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s (Nov 8) historic US presidential election, as a string of swing state victories for the Republican jolted world markets and stunned her supporters.

As polls closed and media called state races one-by-one, giving the key battleground states of Ohio, Florida and North Carolina to the Republican maverick, pollsters scrambled to update their forecasts and point to an improbable upset.

Clinton — the 69-year-old Democratic former first lady, senator and secretary of state — began the day as the narrow favorite to win the White House and become America’s first female president.

But Trump’s string of successes reflected how deeply divided the American electorate has become, and showcased his ability…

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Residents block street leading to Hanoi airport, demand flyover construction

Hundreds of residents began placing bricks, tires, bicycles, and motorbikes across a section of Vo Van Kiet Street in Dong Anh District, Hanoi, to prevent vehicles from traveling between Noi Bai International Airport and the downtown area during Tuesday morning’s rush hour.

The incident caused severe traffic gridlocks as long lines of cars, buses, and trucks had to halt their commute and wait for the road to be cleared.

According to some local residents, they barricaded the street to demand that a flyover be constructed.

The section of the road has been considered…

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Delicious fish dishes in Hanoi

Visiting Hanoi, tourists can enjoy delicacies made from fish such as fish noodles, fish soup, fish congee and more, which come from other provinces in the country.

A typical bowl of Hai Phong fish noodle soup has yellow color of fried fish and fish balls; green color of crunchy and chewy Doc Mung; red color of tomato; white color of noodles together with raw vegetables. The

broth of soup has sour and fragrant flavor because it is mixed with tamarind juice, not normal vinegar.

To enjoy a tasty and fragrant bowl of fish noodle soup, you can visit famous Hanoi eateries on Xa Dan street, Ton That Tung street, Tran Huy Lieu, and Nguyen Khanh Toan streetwith prices of…

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Head Photo by: Asian Development Bank