British, Australian embassies Open Visa Doors in Central Vietnam - News on 14 December 2016


British, Australian embassies open visa doors in central Vietnam

Applicants will no longer have to travel to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to submit their visa applications. The embassies of the United Kingdom and Australia on Tuesday officially opened visa application centers in Vietnam’s central city of Da Nang.

The centers are located in the ACB Building on Bach Dang Street in Hai Chau District, VietnamPlus reported on Tuesday. Visa applicants in central Vietnam will no longer have to travel to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to submit their documents. Steph Lysaght, deputy head of mission at the British Embassy in Hanoi, said she hoped the center will help push tourism, trade and education between the U.K. and Vietnam.

Embassies and consulates in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will continue to accept visa applications as usual. Da Nang is the biggest city in central Vietnam and a popular destination for foreign tourists. China is also in the process of opening a consulate in the central city. …

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After flood: VND1.5 billion presented to schools in Nghe An, Ha Tinh provinces

A working delegation from the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese (SCOV) on December 12th presented VND1.5 billion to seven schools in Central provinces to overcome the consequences of floods over the past time.

In Nghe An province, the delegation presented over VND198 million to a kindergarten in Chau Hoan commune, Quy Chau district; and over VND178 million to Yen Tinh secondary school in Tuong Duong district. These two schools were severely damaged by storm No. 4 occurring in September.

The delegation presented VND1 billion to five schools in Ha Tinh province’s Huong Khe district, including VND265 million to Loc Yen kindergarten; VND190 million to Huong Do primary school; over VND200 million to Hoa Hai primary school; VND200 million to Huong Trach secondary school and nearly VND160 million to Huong Giang secondary school. Mr Nguyen Viet Hoang from the SCOV said that, meeting the aspirations of overseas Vietnamese in countries around the world, the SCOV organized the …

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Majority of communal doctors misdiagnose: study

Only 3 per cent of doctors in local health facilities correctly diagnose the five most common diseases in Việt Nam, a recent study reveals.

The findings stem from interviews and observation of 1,000 doctors working at 78 district-level hospitals and 246 communal health stations. The Health Strategy and Policy Institute (HSPI) under the Ministry of Health, which led the 2015 research, randomly surveyed the doctors across six cities and provinces representative of different regions of the country.

The one-year study, the first of its kind in Việt Nam striving to evaluate the quality of healthcare staff in local facilities, showed that only three per cent of doctors managed to diagnose children's diarrhea and pneumonia, tuberculosis, diabetes type 2 and hypertension. The rate, however, rocketed to 36 and 48 per cent, respectively, for doctors who corectly diagnosed three and four of the five diseases. There were still 11 per cent who could only diagnose two …

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Vietnam’s banking sector looks stable for 2017 despite gloomy Southeast Asia outlook: Fitch

The country still needs to address a high ratio of non-performing loans and low profitability. Vietnam’s banking sector is likely to have a bright and stable 2017 while most Southeast Asian economies will face lower demand for loans and further pressure on asset quality, according to Fitch Ratings.

A statement released by the ratings agency described the outlook for the banking sector in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand as “negative”, forecasting brighter prospects only in the Philippines and Vietnam. Banks in the two countries enjoy a much more supportive economic environment that will lead to robust loan demand and steady asset quality next year, it said.

But the agency also warned of systemic challenges that need long-term intervention in Vietnam’s banking sector – thin capital buffers, a large amount of non-performing loans and low profitability. “The ratings of Vietnamese banks are among the lowest in the region as a result of …

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Consultants In Demand

December 13 – 2016 Consultants In Demand By Phi Tuan Many consulting service companies receive orders from a slew of corporate clients for their consultation about how to improve business.

Many businesses have turned to consulting service companies to ask them to help overcome difficulties when market pressures force them to adjust production strategies, distribution systems, management structures and comparative advantages as well as human resources.

IME Consulting Company director Do Hoa said a State-owned corporation had invited his firm to offer consulting about a medium-term strategy. Other small- and medium-sized enterprises asked him to show them ways out of difficulties and help steer their long-term operations. Other consulting service companies said they were busy dealing with orders from corporate clients.According to Hoa and other consultants, big businesses, including those that are doing well, have sought consulting services to “use the knowledge, skills and experiences of outsiders to …

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Debate Rages Over Plastic Bags

December 13 – 2016 Debate Rages Over Plastic Bags By Phi Tuan The fight against carrier bags that have a bad impact on the environment seems never-ending Campaigns calling for restricting the use of plastic carrier bags — deemed environmentally disastrous — and switching to reusable and paper bags have been widespread. Moreover, many plastic carrier bag producers are feeling the pinch as a tax rate of VND30,000-50,000/kg will be applied next year.

Replaced by what? Nguyen Phu Tuc, chairman of the Board of Directors of Dong Nai Plastics Co., said he recently attended a launch for such a campaign in Ha Tinh Province, and was given a reusable PP plastic bag. He could only elicit an ironic smile as people were replacing a toxic product with what he considers an even more toxic one. “The bag looks nice, but when washed, its color will run and come off,” he said. “And not many people carry these bags to the workplace, in order to use them for shopping in markets or supermarkets …

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Int’l Arrivals to Hanoi to Hit Record Four Million

December 13 – 2016 Int’l Arrivals to Hanoi to Hit Record Four Million The estimated figure is of great significance as this year, the city has given priority to promoting tourism with investment focused on selected projects and programs.

According to the Hanoi Tourism Department, the city has concentrated investment on diversifying tourism products and expanded tourism promotion and communication activities, right after the reestablishment of the tourism managing agency. A number of tourism products have been implemented based on the local advantages in terms of historical, cultural and landscape values, towards developing high quality products associated with building the capital city’s tourism brand.

The city has also collaborated with embassies and international organizations to promote tourism, while actively participating in international tourism fairs. Notably, Hanoi is planning to advertise its tourism on the CNN television channel, in an effort to bring Hanoi tourism to many …

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