61 Sunda Pangolins Saved - News on 6th October 2016


1) 61 Sunda pangolins saved

Sixty-one wild Sunda pangolins ((Manis javanica) were handed over to Save Việt Nam’s Wildlife by Thái Bình Province’s Police Department yesterday afternoon.

Previously, the police and the provincial Forest Management Department seized a truck illegally transporting the pangolins early yesterday morning.

The police are investigating two persons, Ngô Văn Hạnh and Lê Đức Anh, who were found packing the pangolins in styrofoam boxes with small holes, surrounded by other boxes containing ice, and loading the boxes on their truck.

Lâm Kim Hải, a doctor at Save Việt Nam’s Wildlife, said three pangolins had died after they were moved to the Save Việt Nam’s Wildlife centre in Cúc Phương National Park of Ninh Bình Province. Another was weak because it had been very close to the ice boxes on the truck,

Early this month, a complete ban on trade of all eight pangolin

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2) Beautiful Vietnam through Rehahn’s lens

French photographer Rehahn has shot wonderful pictures of stunning scenery in Vietnam, his second home.

Charming Ha Long. Great view of Lao Chai valley, Sapa town, Lao Cai province. Sunset in Lao Chai. Terraced fields on the road from Sapa to Bac Ha. Lao Chai River flows through the valley.

Hoi An’s colorful lanterns. Hoi An's alley. Sunset on a river in Hoi An. Casting a net in the sunset of Hoi An. Dawn on Cua Dai Beach. Sunset in Cua Dai. Immense Mui Ne sand dunes. Mui Ne Paradise on earth on Phu Quoc Island. The sea of yellow rice in Sapa. Harvesting rice in Sapa.

The chess game on the mountains of Sapa. Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. Photo: Kien Thuc Thanh Van...

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3) The most beautiful Dong Son bronze drum

It is preserved at the National Museum of Vietnam History in Hanoi. Ngoc Lu bronze drum I is considered the most beautiful bronze drum of the Dong Son culture ever found in Vietnam.

This drum has a large size, and an ancient, symmetrical look with abundant patterns. It is almost intact, with its surface covered with patina. Of about 200 bronze drums discovered, none of them matches the Ngoc Lu bronze drum in all aspects.

The fundamental function of the bronze drum is used as a musical instrument in festivals and rituals. It has two parts: The tympanum and the mantle; the former is a plain disc linked with the upper part.

The mantle is divided into three parts: the barrel upper part with a resonance box and sound amplifier; the middle part is cylindrical which adjusts the sounds. The lower part is of truncated conical shape, an opening part to emit the sounds. Patterns decorated…

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4) Sustainable projects struggling in Vietnam’s energy business

While coal-fired power plants are increasing in numbers despite environmental concern, clean energy projects are facing major economic and policy challenges to stay in business.

According to a wind power map jointly sketched by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade and the World Bank, Vietnam’s wind power capacity can reach up to 10,000MW, mostly generated in the provinces of Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan due to their ideal height and climate.

Vietnam has a plan in place to increase its number of coal-fired power plants from 19 to 51 by the year 2030, most of which are located near residential areas.

This number is alarming, given the fact that some nations and even regions such as the U.S., Europe, and China, are taking drastic measures to reduce their coal-powered electricity plants due to their…

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Header photo by sk8mama