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Lost your luster? City living with its polluted air and frenetic lifestyle can play havoc with your skin and nowhere is this more noticeable than on your face. Fortunately, facial treatments in Ho Chi Minh City are incredibly affordable. From facial massage and natural ingredients to Botox, fillers, and lasers, there are plenty of options available right here in Saigon, promising to restore your glow and roll back the years.


Lost your luster? City living with its polluted air and frenetic lifestyle can play havoc with your skin and nowhere are these more noticeable than on your face. Fortunately, facial treatments in Ho Chi Minh City are incredibly affordable. From facial massage and natural ingredients to Botox, fillers, and lasers, there are plenty of options available right here in Saigon, promising to restore your glow and roll back the years.


Far from frivolous, the benefits of regular facial treatments are well documented. They improve the skin’s tone, texture, elasticity and encourage the growth of new cells and increase collagen production. Exfoliation using microdermabrasion or an acid peel removes dead skin and diminishes scars. Satisfyingly, positive results are often immediate. As for the recommended frequency? This will depend on your type of skin, but most experts agree that once a month is about right. 


To help you choose where to go we’ve searched the city for the best facilities offering a range of facial treatments. Choosing the right spa for you is almost as important as the facial itself. Take a look at our selection, which covers no frills, medical, luxury, and boutique spas as well as a dermatology clinic, and treat yourself!


Villa Aesthetica – Medical Spa

54 Ngo Quang Huy, Thao Dien, Thu Duc City, HCMC, Vietnam /+84 898 903 399 /

Villa Aesthetica, conveniently located in the heart of Thao Dien, Thu Duc City, describes itself as a ‘medical spa’. Your VIP treatment starts the moment you arrive as a guard ushers you through the entrance into the cool interior of the imposing French-style villa complete with a swimming pool and tranquil garden.


Villa Aesthetica’s non-surgical menu is extensive with 13 facial and skin care options using Swiss anti-aging skin care products from Cholley SA. A further three treatments are listed as enhancements for the face.


Feeling indulgent? Why not try the anti-aging therapy using 24k gold leaf? Popular with the ancient Romans, gold is said to firm and brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, drain lymph nodes to rid toxins, and stimulate blood circulation. Prices start at VND2,700,000 for 90 min with extra gold leaves at VND550,000 per piece. If this sounds a little too ‘Hollywood’ for you, other options include the Microcurrent Ultimate Platinum Treatment at VND450,000 or microdermabrasion for VND500,000.


Appointments are not strictly necessary, but for some treatments such as the Lifting Program with LPG described as a “mechanical workout for the skin” you should book a day or two in advance as the spa only has one LPG machine.


Le Spa des Artistes – Luxury Hotel Spa

Hotel des Arts Saigon – Mgallery, 76-78 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, D3, HCMC, Vietnam

This award-winning spa located on the 3rd floor of the gorgeous Hotel des Arts is decorated as beautifully as the rest of the hotel and exudes luxury. Carefully selected estheticians work their magic in impeccably clean treatment rooms. Soak up the tranquil environment with your feet in a flower foot bath while you discuss the right treatment for your particular type of skin.


Choose from one of eight facials, featuring carefully selected natural ingredients popular in Asian traditional medicine and marine extracts, combined with skin care products from the prestigious French brand Sothys of Paris. The Visible Lift, includes velvet camellia, a plant that is packed with organic skin nourishing nutrients to boost collagen and elastin production. Listed as an ideal precursor to a series of anti-aging or hydrating treatments is the Energising Intensive Treatment with Siberian ginseng. Also known as Eleuthero, this herb is believed to stimulate the immune system and increase circulation, leaving your skin youthful and radiant.


For the ultimate indulgence, combine a facial treatment with an afternoon tea at Café des Beaux-Arts on the ground floor of the hotel.


My Spa – Boutique Traditional Vietnamese

15C4 Thi Sach, D1, HCMC, Vietnam / +84 989 973 309 /

This spa has two locations almost next door to each other a short distance from the Opera House. Facials are only available at the Thi Sach address off Le Thanh Ton so make sure you arrive at the right one. When entering the harsh daylight it takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. The interior is dark and soothing, the decor the epitome of sumptuous Vietnamese luxury and you soon feel as if you’re in a cocoon.


A receptionist dressed in traditional Ao Dai carefully explains the treatments to customers on arrival. The menu is limited to three facials – Basic Care, Facial Intensive Treatment and an Anti-Aging Collagen Treatment. Each one includes a cleanse, steam to remove impurities from the skin, and a facial massage plus a mask.


All products used are natural. The dry organic facial mask ingredients are mixed with milk, “unsweetened not condensed” she adds, which I’m relieved to hear. Facials should be booked ahead of time by calling the owner Ms. My so that she can arrange an appropriate therapist.


Stamford Skin Centre – Dermatology Clinic

99 Suong Nguyet Anh, D1, HCMC, Vietnam / +84 28 3925 1990 /

If you’re looking for more invasive treatments such as Botox or fillers, why not think about a well-established dermatology clinic such as the Stamford Skin Centre where the staff includes experienced dermatologists and doctors registered with the Australian Medical Board and the Vietnamese Ministry of Health? After all, Botox gone wrong could be highly embarrassing. Laser treatment is also available here as a safer alternative to harsh chemical peels if you’re looking to mitigate some of the problems which come with age such as roughness, wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentation.




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From the first step onto the 3rd floor of Hôtel des Arts Saigon, the scent of lemongrass and lavender welcomes you to take a pause. Discard your schedule and enter this secret sanctuary of wellness and rest where expert massage therapists, manicurists, and estheticians are waiting to ease your travel tensions away.


The World Luxury Spa Awards recognized the excellence of Le Spa des Artistes at Hôtel des Arts Saigon with awards for the most “Luxury Hotel Spa” in Vietnam and the most “Luxury Boutique Spa” in Asia in 2017; in 2018, the spa took home the awards for the most “Luxury Urban Escape” in Asia and the most “Luxury Business Spa” Globally.


Le Spa des Artistes is more than just another place to have a massage. It has been designed with all the top of the line creature comforts in mind as the designers and therapists strive for beauty, excellence and a well-crafted experience that touches both body and soul. Asian and European techniques are used in the menu of luxurious and effective treatments. All products have been carefully chosen from Sothys, a luxury brand from Paris that uses environmentally friendly packaging.

A Sensory Voyage into Pure Relaxation at Hôtel des Arts Saigon’s Le Spa des Artistes.

For those with a mission of full relaxation, let Hôtel des Arts Saigon’s Le Spa des Artistes take you on “The Artist’s Journey”. These sensory voyages merge skincare regimens with total body healing. Perfect for a spa day with friends or a pampering package to be enjoyed as a couple. The lush furnishings, soft lighting, and attentive staff make this the perfect honeymoon retreat. 


The spa’s 6 treatment rooms, including a dedicated couple’s room with two treatment beds available, are beautifully decked out with floor to ceiling windows so that you can rest your body with a bird’s eye view of rooftops and trees. A well-curated selection of fine art paintings and sculptures showcase the beauty of the female form and spirit.


Abandon all worries and sink into a perfect state of zen with a “four hands” massage, where 2 talented therapists will work in tandem to ease tension and discomfort. Le Spa des Artistes also has a selection of signature treatments such as “Sensations Orientales”, which will transport you into a discovery of ancestral Oriental rites with products such as Saponaria—a flower from the carnation family—and date oil extract, both known from detoxifying skin as they hydrate and soothe.

Not Just For Hotel Guests, Le Spa des Artistes is a Sanctuary for Saigon Dwellers as well.

Le Spa des Artistes at Hôtel des Arts Saigon has also turned into a destination for locals and ex-pats living in Ho Chi Minh City. The healing and detoxifying treatments as well as the skin-specific facial treatments are sought after for recharging the body and creating a lovely glow that will have friends asking if you’ve fallen in love. 


The “Visible Lift” treatment is our choice for eternal youth. It uses the Asian beauty secret of velvet camellia, which dramatically softens skin. Finish off your beautification and relaxation routine with an exfoliation such as a Himalayan salt scrub and a manicure and pedicure complete with a hand and foot massage.



Your five senses will be eased into complete comfort with the calming essential oil scented products, the gold-toned decor and the gentle sounds of soft music. Sit back and allow yourself to be pampered on your wellness journey. A fitness center is also available to hotel guests so that they can maintain their perfect form even while travelling. adv


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Vietnam’s Premier Spa, Providing Mind and Body Relaxation.

Nurturing in the pureness of nature, Saigon’s Sen Spa is a sanctuary for those who seek the ultimate Zen experience. Lose yourself in a sensory haven, get a facial, massage, body scrub, and nail care, and wash away the pressures of life in the big city at Sen Spa in Ho Chi Minh CityBeauty is a luxury taken seriously in Vietnam, and especially in HCMC, so every person should have the opportunity to indulge; Sen Spa is the perfect place to do it.


Sen Spa is truly one of the premier spas in Ho Chi Minh City. On nine floors Sen Spa works to provide a relaxing experience for any customer who walks through its doors. The most special part of the Sen Spa experience is their commitment to making the entire experience relaxing and memorable – not just the service.


Available Services at Sen Spa

No matter what treatment you’re seeking, Sen Spa probably has what you’re looking for. This professional and established company takes pride in making sure its customers are well taken care of.


At Sen Spa, you can receive body care treatmentsbody massagesfacial care treatmentshand and foot care, nail carewaxing sessions, and hair service. But that’s not all. Sen Spa also has a variety of packages on offer, either for one person or two. These packages are all tailored to give clients specialized experiences.


For example, the Mysterious Package includes a herbal steam bath, body scrub, body wrap, body massage, snacks and tea, and facial treatment (four hours for around VND 2,840,000), while the Oasis Package is an hour and a half and includes a head and neck massage and a whitening facial treatment (VND 1,200,000).

Ambiance & Service at sen Spa

Located on Dong Du in HCMC’s hectic District 1, this busy environment might seem like a strange place to have a spa at first. However, as soon as you step into Sen Spa, you’ll see that the noisy streets outside become muted as soon as the sliding glass doors close behind you. This might actually be one of the best parts about the Sen Spa experience: although you’re in the heart of the HCMC’s action, this spa is a true oasis of peace and calm.


The staff all work to help support and strengthen this feeling of peace. The receptionists are kind and polite; customers receive tea as they wait for treatments to begin, candied ginger is available on every waiting table, and attendants are patient and attentive as clients change from their everyday clothes to the cloth wraps Sen Spa provides before the treatments.


Experience at Sen Spa

When we went to Sen Spa, we chose to try the anti-stress facial with a natural mask (60 minutes, around VND 600,000). We were led into a room with four beds, and while the lights were brighter than we had anticipated, the music was soothing. As soon as we closed our eyes, peace reigned.


This intensive facial treatment was truly calming. The skilled professionals used a variety a different creams and exfoliants to provide the best skin care treatment for our faces possible. However, our favorite part was undoubtedly the massage that was added to the facial. Towards the end of the treatment, while we rested and enjoyed our natural masks, our attendants provided us with brief leg, arm, neck, and head massages. This was an experience that makes Sen Spa that much better. advertisement