Chieu Cave in Mai Chau

To get to Chieu Cave you must climb a staggering 1,200 stone steps, but once you arrive at its mouth you will be glad you made the effort. Filled with impressive stone structures, “Hang Chiều” is like the land before time. “Chiều”, meaning ‘afternoon’, is a name given to the cave by local people, because it is made even more magnificent in the afternoon when the sun fills the cave with sparkling jewels of reflected light.



Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, Mai Chau, Vietnam


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Mo Luong Cave in Mai Chau

Mo Luong Cave in Mai Chau

An imposing limestone cave complex with four main grottos and two entrances, the main one of which is in Mai Chau Village. Situated inside Pu Kha Mountain, this cave is set deep into the rock with a huge variation in width, from 1m to 30m. The ceiling is at times incredibly high, and the cave itself has the ancient, timeless feel of something that was created long ago and will endure for a long time yet. Other caves in the Mai Chau area that are well worth the visit include Pieng Kem Grotto, Khau Phuc Cave and Lang Cave.

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