Muong and Pa Co Markets in Mai Chau

Are you a fan of spending? Do you like unique and colorful crafts, fresh fruit and vegetables and quality original products? Are you looking for something as a souvenir for your vacation? Well Mai Chau’s markets are for you then. There are a number of markets in the valley.

  • Muong Ethnic Market: we loved the Muong ethnic market along the road to Thung Khe Pass, where local people sell a variety of things, from beautiful flowers and healthy foods such as steamed corn, to bizarre local vegetables.
  • Pa Co Sunday Market: here you will find livestock, fruit and vegetables, live fish and even snails. You can nibble on ethnic and Vietnamese delicacies, marvel at the brocade cloths and hand woven traditional clothes or sip some local rice wine! This is a great market for Mai Chau souvenirs. It’s nestled halfway between Mai Chau and Moc Chau, and close to the homes of ethnic H’mong people.





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