Phu Quoc Vietnam

Phu Quoc Accommodation: Hotels and Resorts

Phu Quoc Island features over 40 kilometers of sandy beaches along its coast line. The emerging tourism creates a demand for beautiful beach resorts.

On Phu Quoc Island, you can find a broad variety of resorts of all standards and price categories. The most famous and attractive beach resorts are along the waterfront of Long Beach on the west coast.

Most of them feature all amenities and a private strip of beach to tan, relax and enjoy the sea. As we mentioned in “The best time to visit Vietnam”, the west coast is nicer during dry season, while in wet season it’s a better idea to check out places to the East. At least if you love to swim in the ocean.

There are also landlocked resorts on Phu Quoc Island, which are usually cheaper than the beachfront retreats. Most of them accumulate in and around Duong Dong and on the west coast.

But there are some hidden pearls to the Northwest. A pretty impressive sight if you follow a bumpy dirt road that looks largely unused and all of a sudden a luxurious five star resort emerges from the lush forest.

Which resort to pick for your holiday on Phu Quoc Island largely depends on your available funds. Keep in mind that if you are traveling on a budget, a resort in the middle of nowhere is cheaper, but you need access to the markets and supermarkets of Duong Dong - at least for buying water and other supplies.

If budget is less of a concern for you, then rest assured - most classy resorts on Asia’s pearl island offer anything you need and more.

When you are riding along the coast, you see building sites every now and then, which indicate the future development of Phu Quoc Island towards a more intensive tourism economy.

As soon as the major highway that traverses the island from the North to the South is finished, getting around Phu Quoc will be faster.