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District 2 & 7

District 2, also known as An Phu and Thao Dien, is about a 20 minute drive northeast of Saigon's centre. District 2 is a rapidly changing area with modern and luxurious villas springing up everywhere, attracting a healthy Western expat community. In the past, it was one of the poorest parts of the city and still has ramshackle areas that contrast with the frenetic construction work happening these days.

District 7, or as many locals refer to it, Phu My Hung, is approximately 15 minutes south of central HCMC by taxi. District 7 feels like a sort of alternate universe, especially in contrast to other sections of town. The streets are wide, congestion free and some would think, paved with gold. The hoots and horns of far-off downtown Saigon are the only sounds you hear. An up-and-coming area, Phu My Hung is characterised by tall apartment blocks and modern shops and restaurants. It's home to wealthy Vietnamese and expats including thousands of Koreans.

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Local Insight:

District 2 is home to some fine restaurants, including the popular Mekong Merchant and The Deck. The southern part of Phu My Hung is one of the best locations for a peaceful stroll.

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Ho Chi Minh City
Distance to City Center: 6 km
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