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Author: Vinh Dao
Published: Feb. 12, 2014, 4:55 p.m.
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Ice Skating at Crescent Mall

Ice Skating in the tropical Vietnamese city?

When I was informed that there was going to be an ice skating rink in Ho Chi Minh, I thought it would be novel to ice skate in a city where the ambient temperature hovers around 30 degrees year round. I checked out the website and saw some great images that piqued my interest so I grabbed my jacket (hey, it’s ice skating! I would need one right?), got on my scooter and headed off to District 7.

Upon arrival at Crescent Mall, I observed that the craziness in District 1 has rubbed off a bit in District 7 and there were quite a bit of people with DSLR’s and smart phones taking snaps in front of random Christmas decorations.

In my minds eye, it was going to be epic! Christmas tunes would be playing in the background while droves of Saigonese would be trying ice skating for the first time. It would feel like Christmas! If we were lucky, someone will be triple dog dared and will stick their tongue onto the ice to much hilarity!

However, what I got was this.

Ice Skating

As you can see, the rink was a bit smaller than the advertised photo which wasn’t even taken in Crescent Mall. Though in their defence, it does say a mini ice rink. I just wasn’t expecting it to only be 10 metres wide! VND 155,000 for 45 minutes of standing on some ice wasn’t my idea of a good time. There weren’t even Christmas standards playing! Not epic at all.

I headed downstairs to get a closer look and saw that there was a very happy kid playing in the mini ice rink so I’m glad someone had some fun on the ice.

Ice skating in Crescent MallIt was a great effort on the part of Crescent Mall but I just wished they were a bit more honest with their marketing.

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