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Le Mat Snake Village

About 7km Northeast of Hanoi off Highway 1A., Hanoi, Vietnam |

Always wanted to down a shot of rice wine that floats a still-beating cobra heart? How about a little gecko in your cocktail? Le Mat Snake Village in Hanoi's Long Bien District is the spot to make your reptilian gustatory dreams come true. A snake will set you back VND600,000 to VND1 million, but it will come prepared in seven traditional dishes, and none _ and we mean none _ of the saurian parts will go to waste.

Le Mat Snake Village is famous for its tradition of catching snakes. In fact, some say that the only snakes left in the village and its environs are the ones bred in captivity to supply meat to the snake restaurants in the village. Only a half-hour's drive from central Hanoi, Le Mat Snake Village specialises in serving grass snake and cobra dishes such as soup with snake meat, snake tail with crispy lemongrass, deep-fried snake bones and spring rolls with snake. Delicioussss!

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Local Insight:
In recent years, authorities have struggled to stem the tide of endangered animals killed and trafficked for their medicinal qualities. Check to make there’s no tiger on the menu.
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Distance to City Center: 5 km
Distance to Airport: 18 km
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