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From Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City – and further south to the Mekong Delta – Vietnam is rapidly rushing into an era of exponential development, while at the same time preserving natural wonder, ancient tradition and a personable, genuine warmth to foreigners, something not found in many other countries around the world. With many wonderful things to do and see, it's no wonder Vietnam is a top travel destination.

While hotels, resorts, shopping centers, national events, tours, classy restaurants, an active nightlife and other forms of entertainment and accommodation spring up day by day, rice paddies, salt fields and farms are still tended by hand. Generations of families pass down delicious local recipes to their children; nearly 1,000-year-old temples stand to this day; and despite a war and unspeakable travesties, an open heart and a propensity for kindness still stand as trademarks of the Vietnamese persona.

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Vietnam is slowly being ushered into the 21st century with a new subway system set to be built by 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City – formerly known as Saigon – along with a number of malls, cinemas, skyscrapers and apartment complexes springing up throughout the country. As transportation becomes more streamlined, beautiful beaches, intricate pagodas, fascinating museums, mountainous highlands, regional cuisines and tribal villages open up to curious travellers willing to venture into the unknown. Start exploring this multifaceted and dynamic country today!

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From Hanoi to Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City, we list all the best hotels, resorts, and residences where visitors can find comfort, cultural beauty and unique experiences. We also give you the chance to book your hotel directly with us and to benefit from special deals and promotions.

Vietnam has endless ways of entertaining and fascinating visitors. We break down all the top things to do when travelling to Vietnam, including spa sessions, gaming centers/casinos, water sports and much more. You can plan with us all your activities and visits by reading our updated listings for each of the country's most popular destinations.

For both tourists and locals, Vietnam is still a mysterious country with many hidden gems to discover. We list the top places and sights to visit, from temples to museums to markets to mountains.

In Vietnam, you will never find a shortage of coffee shops in all shapes and sizes. But there are also countless bars, lounges, tea houses and smoothie stalls that feature all manners of beverages – we help you find something that suits your palate.

A culinary Mecca for some, Vietnam is host to delicious foods at every price point, from savory street phos to Michelin-worthy fine dining. The best way to experience Vietnam’s eating culture is to try everything you can.

Finding the right school or hospital can be a daunting task, especially with such a strong language barrier. In this section we list Vietnam’s best education centers, recruiters, medical facilities and more to help you navigate the necessities of living life in Vietnam.

If there ever was a place to spend, Vietnam is it. From super-malls to street stalls, Vietnam is a treasure trove just waiting to be uncovered. We help you find the best tailors, souvenir shops, markets and more.

  • Citadels, Karsts and Cycle

    8: 00 am Our journey begins with a 2 hour drive from the hectic capital of Hanoi to the province of Ninh Binh, approximately 100kms.   10: 30 am  Our first destination is Hoa Lu, the location of the capital of Vietnam during the Dinh Dynasty (968-980) and early Le Dynasty (980-1009), the ancient citadel once covered 300 hectares of ...

  • Hanoi Highlights

    8: 00 – 8.30 Am Start the city tour with a visit to the Temple of Literature. Originally built in honor of Confucius by King Ly Thai Tong in 1070, an university was added to the grounds six years later. The university provided education to the royal family and children of the aristocracy or “mandarins”. The University remained here until ...

  • Bassac Cruises

    Welcome on-board the Bassac, three authentic wooden cabin cruisers that will take you to discover life on the river in the heart of the Mekong Delta. You will spend the night on the river in a caring and relaxed atmosphere. Built according to local tradition without compromising on safety or comfort, the Bassac are just the right size to navigate ...