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  • Traditional Furnit...

    In many Saigon homes, you'll find ornately carved and stained dark wooden pieces inlaid with exquisite scenes created with mother of pearl or even eggshells. The final finish is usually a shiny coat of lacquer, a natural resin taken from the rhus tree. Ho Chi Minh City's fine craftsmen can turn out expertly carved work in addition to building bucolic ...

  • Deco

    If you can imagine it, you can create it in Ho Chi Minh City. From luxurious silk bedcovers to handmade paper lamps, knick-knacks to fill your cupboards, easy chairs, scatter cushions, teak tables and majestic marble statuettes, everything you could see in your mind's eye can be found or custom made in Vietnam. Combining functionality and finesse, Vietnam's tailor-made furniture ...

  • Modern Furniture

    Whether you desire clean lines and modern design or the artistry of oriental antiquity, you'll find it in Saigon. From expansive wardrobes to wine cabinets, there is a variety of items carved from rare wood accented with precious stones or ceramics. No big yellow and blue Swedish furniture store in HCMC yet, but there are a number of international showrooms ...

  • Therese Jewelry

    Since 1980 Therese Jewelry has been selling jewels and lavish accessories to an adoring audience of diplomats, celebrities and high end travellers. Using only the highest quality source materials, the jewellery collection features signature designs that are fashion forward and classically stylish. Premium custom made fine jewellery products range from necklaces and bracelets to rings and pendants. Therese Jewelry is ...

  • Duc Tien Jewellery

    In the lobby of the Catina Saigon Hotel, a multitude of gems are available as stand alone pieces or as gaudy additions to a necklace, bracelet or ring. The variety of styles here is endless and the creative cuts are simply stunning. The jade designs, fashioned into wearable works of art, are particularly eye catching. For fine gemstones and luxurious ...

  • CAO Fine

    Sophisticated, beautiful and confident describes CAO Fine Jewellery and the discerning and successful women who wear the designs. CAO Fine Jewellery, based in HCMC, uses the highest grade stones and precious metals to produce stunning pieces. The collections are limited edition designs with many one-off pieces. Famous for premium jewellery in Saigon, CAO Fine Jewellery offers unique products to the ...

  • Stocking high quality fabric imported directly from Italy, H&D is one of the finest tailors in HCMC. In as little as three days, their professional, internationally trained staff will design and stitch a suit to perfectly complement your stature. The preferred choice of the well heeled traveller, H&D's off the rack labels include Ermenegildo Zegna, Reda, F. Lli Cerruti and more. Despite their reputation for dapper duds, their prices remain extremely competitive. H&D Tailor is located in central Saigon in the New World Hotel.

    Established in 2005 H&D Tailor of HCMC stocks a wide variety ...

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