Though Hoi An is where most travellers head to get their new wardrobe made, Hanoi offers a decent number of tailors for anyone on a tight schedule. Bring your favourite suit to get copied or a picture of the dress you've always wanted and get it made from scratch. You can even stop by the fabric market on Hanoi's Hom market in Pho Hue street to pick out your own material in advance. Agree on cost before you have any clothing tailored in Hanoi. You may net a slight discount through negotiation, but don't count on it. Men's suits average around USD100 to USD150.

You can specify details like buttons, thread colour and pockets. Quality of work is correlated to wait time. It's unreasonable to expect even the most skilled tailor in Hanoi to create a masterpiece in 24 hours! Double-check the material for quality, and in the case of silk, authenticity, before purchasing. Insist on more than two fittings to ensure the right fit. In addition to shirts, suits and dresses, Hanoi's tailors will create winter coats, wedding dresses and even traditional Vietnamese ao dais.

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Be sure to turn clothes inside out and check the quality of work along the seams.

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