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This modern pagoda is not in the guidebooks. A favourite among locals, to get there you must ascend the slope of the Cham Mount, which is lined with fir trees and eucalypts. This peaceful place of worship is dedicated to the principles of Theravadic Buddhism, although its surrounds also provide a romantic backdrop for young couples.
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Due to its distance, few venture out to the marvelous tomb of Emperor Gia Long, who reigned until 1820. Surrounded by old pine forests on the west bank of the Perfume River, this tomb has a regal atmosphere and classic design. Spectacular views complement this significant monument. Gia Long was ...
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Ho Quyen, or the Tiger’s arena, is the Asian version of a Roman coliseum. It was exclusively used for entertaining the Emperor’s and nobility. An unusual find in Southeast Asia, this temple was last used in 1909 but the structure remains well-preserved. Here, distinguished spectators would watch elephants, tigers and ...
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Hue’s majestic Perfume River is intrinsic to the city’s livelihood and a visit would be incomplete without a boat trip. Both long boats and colourful barges can be rented, with the most common route from the main city centre to Thien Mu Pagoda. The longer journey to Gia Long's tomb ...
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This beach is set on a lagoon near to the mouth of the Perfume River. Void of tourists, this can make for a pleasant seaside experience. The water is clean and the locals friendly, although a Western face may attract attention from the food peddlers. Beware of big buckets brewing ...

Where to Eat in Hue

Held as one of the foremost food centres in Southeast Asia, Hue utilizes its royal lineage by offering rich, sophisticated cuisine passed down through generations. For a lavish feast fit for a king, you’ve come to the right place. The full treatment can be found at a variety of restaurants catering to tourists with royal dinners, including era appropriate costuming, photo opportunities and impeccable service in addition to the sumptuous spread.

For a more understated experience, Hue’s culinary delights are available at local restaurants with all of the flavour and a little of the extravagance. Not every venue is a gem, however, and choosing carefully, based on our recommendations and local suggestions will eliminate the risk of ending up at a lackluster establishment.

As for what to order once you’re there, Hue’s most popular works of art masquerading, as dishes are Bun Bo Hue, a beef and rice noodle soup with unique seasonings, and Banh Beo, rice flour crepes topped with shrimp, shallots and pork rinds. Don’t be fooled by the intricate design and preparations. These offerings are meant to be eaten, not gaped at, no matter how beautiful they are. Take a minute to appreciate their grace, then tuck in and enjoy.

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  • Hue’s premier Japanese restaurant, Take offers a comprehensive menu of fresh sashimi, sushi, noodles, rice and grilled meats. They also offer a wide range of sake and shochu including a Hue brand. For the best of the Land of the Rising Sun in a serene setting, Take is the destination of choice. Try the chicken teriyaki, a surefire hit that never fails to please.

  • A genuinely styled Japanese house, Yoshihara makes authentic sushi, sashimi and other favourites from Japan. Slide up to the bar and watch the talented sushi chefs prepare your meal. One of the premier restaurants in the Imperial Hotel Hue, after your meal, head over to the in house Prince Club and try your luck at one of the many gaming options.

  • With a wide open kitchen and indoor and outside seating, Imperial Restaurant serves international and Vietnamese cuisine in a graceful setting. Three private rooms are reserved for meetings in addition to the open and inviting main dining room. The house restaurant of the Imperial Hotel Hue, sophistication and subtlety are served up on every plate.

  • The signature restaurant of La Residence, Le Parfum offers a menu of international fusion and local specialities. The inimitable service of the staff makes for an exceptional dining experience. For even more intimacy and adventure, book a dinner aboard a boat cruising the Perfume River or dine on the shore in a garden setting fit for a king.

  • One of Hue’s most established dining venues, La Carambole offers an unmatched atmosphere and some of the best French food in town. Warm, professional service and a delicious menu of local and international dishes complete the experience. For a great value, try one of their set menu options served with generous proportions.

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